Who We Are ?

We are group of IT professionals who have strong desire to help our fellow Indians with simplified and effective technical procedures carried over internet or on any other technical platform. We choose to provide a platform that can improve user experience while checking ticket/e—ticket PNR status online, because internet has become part of every home and most of the Indian Railway passengers prefer to check PNR status online. Website to check PNR status is an opportunity to reduce the load on the official IRCTC website through which other railway queries meant to be inquired only on IRCTC website will be answered easily. We dream to create an enlivened online community, where users from different folks of life come to know PNR status and get united with an unseen bond of relation generated.

What We Offer to Give ?

Rapid growth of internet usage in India increased the speed and perfection of any service rendered; let it be from government or any other private firm. For e.g.: Earlier to check the PNR status railway passengers need to depend the railway enquiry team or get it know only once they board the train, but now the scenario had been changed. Most of the railway passengers now prefer to check PNR status of their journey online and for that they depend up on the IRCTC official website. We offer a platform where you will find it easy to find the PNR status faster and accurate, because we aim to provide helping hand to minimize the effort of technicalities. The increased query load and user login into the IRCTC website in bulk number always create longer loading time giving lagged results thus to avoid this kind of issues and to make the service available for users in a smooth order, we are here with the website to check your railway PNR status.


Enter 10 Digit PNR (Passenger Name Record) Number >> Click Get PNR Status Button

Our Aim

We aim to create a channel to streamline multiple services for users from different stream of life. We developed the website http://www.check-pnr.in/ with the aim to help railway passengers to get their ticket reservation status known in an effective and user friendly way. As the site is comparatively less loaded than the IRCTC website, it will be easy for passengers to open the website in their phone or any other device to check PNR status easily. We look forward to make technical complexities much lessened and make it feasible for users of any kind to depend on technology today to meet their need, let it be to get PNR status or anything else.

What Else We Offer For You ?

Group of ignited minds who utilize their intellectual knowledge in helping are the general reference for who we are. We provides many user friendly services also other than the http://www.check-pnr.in/ website for PNR status update. We offer data recovery software products also to solve the queries related to Hard Drive Data corruption, Pen Drive corruption, SQL data corruption, Excel, DOC file corruption etc. We provide solutions for system security and network analyses tools, so that the institutions and home users can have a safe and secure online life guaranteed. We are into providing SEO training for 12th pass and fresh graduates who look forward for a carrier in the online marketing industry. We are expanding our service arena to more corners so that our Indian friends can have a reliable spot to solve their technical queries.


Official Disclaimer: http://www.check-pnr.in/ is not directly affiliated with the Ministry of Railways and neither transmits nor reproduces any database content from the official IRCTC website. http://www.indianrail.gov.in – Visit official IRCTC website for any queries related to Indian Railway.